5885 Robert Oliva Place | Columbia, MD 21045

About Us

Columbia Crossing Church is part of a network of churches called the G2G Vista Network.   Our main offices are in Tampa, Florida.  

 The three sites are built together to follow the tradition of the early Methodists leaders which relied heavily upon unpaid pastors and staff and were led by leaders leading numerous churches over large areas.    Our aim is to make new church is in part to keep the cost down enough we can reach out to our communities.

Columbia Crossing Church is an evangelical church (as all G2G churches are) and is in Baltimore affiliated and supported by the Southern Baptist denomination.

 Seattle one of the other sites and is supported by several groups.   And the G2G Vista in Orlando. Florida just in development is connected with G2G Ministries in Tampa, Florida.

Our doctrine and practices are consistent with the declaration of evangelical churches called the Lausanne Covenant.   We are simple.  We are bible based.    And key on evangelism as our primary task.  We do believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit present today.   But will hold all things in moderation.